Stephen Shaya

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Stephen Shaya, M.D | @drshaya

Chief Medical Officer of J & B Medical

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Stephen Shaya, M.D. graduated from Birmingham Brother Rice High School Summa Cum Laude.   He was awarded a Merit Scholarship to attend Wayne State University.  During his time at WSU, Dr. Shaya won many leadership awards including the Outstanding Student Leader in 1991 and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Grant Awardee.  He was selected to serve on the Wayne State University Board of Governors from 1991 to 1993.  He attended Wayne State University Medical School and graduated in 1996.   Dr. Shaya subsequently finished training in Family Practice at North Oakland Medical Center and a fellowship at Wayne State University for Occupational and Environmental Health.  Since 2004, Dr. Shaya has been the Chief Medical Officer of J & B Medical, a global healthcare solutions company.    J & B is a privately held global health care solutions company based in Wixom, Michigan and started in 1996 and has sixteen different business enterprises and  currently has customers in 48 states and 28 countries.  This innovative company has brought many new ideas and solutions forward to the delivery care and continues to strive to improve patient access and quality.  His role oversees all strategy, innovation and growth in our company. By leading the planning and development of our new enterprises, many describe me as an “intrapreneur”, someone who behaves as an entrepreneur within a large organization.  Dr. Shaya has received many recognitions including becoming a Knight of Grace for the Knights of Malta,  the 2015 Global Distinguished Health Care Award from the Center of Economic and Leadership Development, and a United States Congressional Commendation.  On August 18, 2016, Dr. Shaya will be receiving a Global Health Care and Innovation Award at the United Nations