Robert “Rim” Cothren

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Robert “Rim” Cothren

Executive Director, California Health Information Exchange

21st Century Cures and the Creation of a National Health Provider Directory

Robert M. Cothren, PhD, Executive Director, California Association of Health Information Exchanges (CAHIE)

As Executive Director of CAHIE, Dr. Cothren leads a diverse group of stakeholders in realizing statewide interoperability in California through outreach, education, policy development, and emerging technologies that enable and promote widespread, secure sharing of health information. As a consultant, Dr. Cothren also aids federal and state government and private organizations in advancing their health IT systems through collaborative governance, sound processes, and reliable and secure technologies. Dr. Cothren led the implementation of California’s statewide HIE strategy under HITECH, and has over 20 years of experience in health technology, over 15 years in systems integration, and over 10 years in health information sharing. Dr. Cothren currently teaches health informatics as part of the University of California Davis Extension program.