Jeff Livesay

Jeff Livesay

Associate Director

Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN)

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Jeff Livesay joined MiHIN as its Associate Director in November 2011 and oversees the operations of

MiHIN.  Additionally Jeff serves as Co-chair of the MiHIN Operations Advisory Committee (MOAC) and in

early 2012 initiated MiHIN’s Security and Privacy Working Group at the urging of MDCH leadership,

ultimately resulting in recommendations to improve statewide healthcare information security for the

HIT Commission and Governor Snyder’s Cyber Initiative.  Jeff also represents Michigan on the Governing

Board of the National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE) and actively participates in the Michigan

Healthcare Cybersecurity Council (MHCC).  In addition Jeff serves on the Michigan Department of

Community Health Standard Consent Working Group.

Jeff is presently the President and CEO of Execution LLC, a Delaware company dedicated to assisting

companies execute their business plans. Previously, Jeff was the President and CEO of Garrett and

Graysen Holdings and prior to that was Chief Operating Officer for Absoft Corporation, a leading

manufacturer of high-performance and super-computing software.

From 1998 to 2002, Jeff was the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Wellogix Inc., the first Internet-based

company for upstream oil and gas and which provided Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) starting in 1999. As

President and CEO of A.J. GoodWare, Jeff’s team of consultants developed and deployed the first

Internet-based broadband-on- demand service in 1995 ultimately leading to a $3 billion investment by

Sprint. Jeff spent 5 years at The MITRE Corporation working on classified projects for the Secretary of

the Army and the Vice-Chief of Staff of the Army involving the combination of GPS, GIS, and artificial

intelligence to track combat assets and winning Program Achievement awards for the “SmartMaps”


Prior to his DOD work Jeff was employed by IBM Corporation while attending graduate school at North

Carolina State University studying Artificial Intelligence. In 1984, Jeff received a B.S. in

Engineering/Computer Science from Michigan State University, where in 1981 Jeff presented his first

lecture on Computer Security and also studied under both parents of Google co-founder Larry Page.