Jeff Chang

Chief Executive Officer, PCE Systems

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Jeff Chang is CEO of PCE Systems, a leading behavioral health information technology company in the State of Michigan. PCE provides health information technology services to clients across the service delivery spectrum and who encompass over 85% of the $2.6 billion Medicaid budget for behavioral health services in Michigan.  He is the project leader and technical architect for PCE’s HIE efforts across the state, with projects ranging from the small-scale, point-to-point sharing of information through larger scale efforts including regional and statewide behavioral health information exchange projects.


Jeff has collaborated among his clients, MiHIN, and various other agencies and stakeholders to help develop solutions and standards to enable the exchange of behavioral health information across the healthcare delivery system. He is an outspoken advocate for the secure electronic exchange of behavioral health information in a 42 C.F.R. Part 2 compliant, electronic consent-based framework that enables community-wide integrated care coordination while honoring a patient’s right to protect his or her most sensitive healthcare information. Jeff has championed efforts to provide creative technical and clinical solutions to bridge the physical health and behavioral health information divide, as well as help agencies navigate the clinical, legal, and technical challenges to achieving integrated health.


Jeff received his B.A. in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins University and his J.D. from the University of Michigan.