Gregory Makris

Gregory Makris

Dr. Gregory Makris

Altarum Clinical Lead

Great Lakes Practice Transformation Network

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Dr. Makris is currently Altarum’s clinical lead for the Great Lakes Practice Transformation Network

(GLPTN) – part of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Transforming Clinical Practices

Initiative. The GLPTN will be supporting organizations through health care quality compliance,

transitions to value-based care, and engaging patients to be responsible health care consumers.

Dr. Makris has also contributed to the development of clinical decision support product for advanced

diagnostic imaging. It aids practitioners by providing access to current evidence-based guidelines, local

best practices, and other relevant information. He has provided significant contributions to workflow

integration, user interface, clinical accuracy and electronic health record (EHR) integration.

His other projects include development of a webinar series instructing health care systems and

providers in leveraging their electronic health record to provide improved care to those with chronic

illness, specifically diabetes and hypertension. He is currently involved in a statewide program dedicated

to improving access to much-needed preventative dental services for one million underserved children.

Before joining Altarum, Dr. Makris has had over 15 years of experience in clinical internal medicine. In

addition to providing direct patient care, he has performed multiple roles in the EHR selection and

implementation process – demonstrating strong competencies in helping healthcare providers choose,

install and operate electronic medical record systems that achieve their cost, deadline and service


Dr. Makris is a diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine and has a Bachelor’s of Science

and a Medical Doctorate from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.