Ewa Matuszewski

Ewa Matuszewski

Chief Executive Officer, MedNetOne Health Solutions

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Ewa M. Matuszewski is Principal and founder of the Practice Transformation Institute. She is a Michigan-based health care veteran and champion of innovative primary care and chronic care initiatives, including the Community Care Travel Team, which received the Eagle Award from the Greater Detroit Area Health Council in 2010. Ms. Matuszewski is also the co-founder and CEO of  Medical Network One, a health services organization established in 1981 that now serves more than 900 primary care, specialty care physicians and behavioral health specialists in addition to offering patient centered medical home and patient-centric programming and transformation services.


Throughout her many experiences in leading physicians and their practice teams through change, Ms. Matuszewski has promoted a vision of patient-centered healthcare and a culture of organizational excellence. Her areas of expertise are health policy analysis, physician workforce strategies, physician practice environment, primary care team development and leadership, primary care practice management/governance interface and quality improvement and validation within physician practices.


Ms. Matuszewski has consulted with medical societies and state, local, national and international health care organizations. Recent speaking engagements include the Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC), Michigan Osteopathic Association, Oakland University, Crittenton Hospital and Medical Center, Michigan Primary Care Consortium, Wayne State University Internal Medicine Residency Program, Pontiac General Family Medicine Residency Program,  and the Detroit Medical Center.


Ms. Matuszewski was named a Champion of the New Economy in 2011 by DBusiness Magazine for advancing the new model of primary care medicine in Southeast Michigan. In 2007, Crain’s Detroit Business recognized Ms. Matuszewski as an “American Dreamer” in a feature highlighting successful foreign-born business leaders who built successful careers in Southeast Michigan