Ben Hamlin

Ben N. Hamlin 

Research Scientist

Department of Research and Performance Measurement at NCQA

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Benjamin N. Hamlin is Research Scientist in the Department of Research &

Performance Measurement at NCQA. Mr. Hamlin specializes in measures of

clinical quality and healthcare efficiency, informatics and predictive analytics for

quality improvement. Mr. Hamlin currently directs a HEDIS portfolio within the

clinical effectiveness of care, healthcare efficiency and electronic clinical data

system (ECDS) domains.

Mr. Hamlin has substantial experience in eMeasure development, accreditation and

certification standards, survey instrument design, evaluation of HIT and CDS

implementation, and public health informatics architecture. His principal research

interest is distributed cognition in measure informatics, where he investigates

alternative risk models for cardiovascular risk management using multidimensional

techniques in large clinical data networks. His current measure development

projects includes new approaches to patient-centered outcome measures combining

quality indicators across multiple sources data to generate precise representations

of the quality of care being experienced by a person. This research is an extension

of Mr. Hamlin’s experiences as a principal investigator for projects “re-

engineering” and developing de novo quality measures for electronic medical

records to meet CMS requirements for Stages 1-3 of meaningful use.