Ben Hamlin

Research Scientist, Department of Research and Performance Measurement, National Committee for Quality Assurance

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Benjamin N. Hamlin is Research Scientist in the Department of Performance Measurement at NCQA. Mr. Hamlin specializes in public health informatics, developing electronic clinical quality measures (eCQM), measures of healthcare efficiency, and population health-management tools for both provider and system-level quality improvement. Mr. Hamlin has substantial experience in leveraging common data models and public health informatics architecture to improve measurement practices. His current measure development portfolio includes new approaches to patient-centered outcome measures across multiple sources data to generate precise representations of the quality of care being experienced by a person. Throughout his career, Mr. Hamlin has conducted a wide array of health-related research including strategies for comprehensive chronic disease management, facilitating community-based clinical translational research, identifying health disparities, and designing strategies for the development of healthcare infrastructure in underserved and/or underdeveloped areas. Mr. Hamlin holds a M.P.H. in Public Health Policy and Management from Columbia University and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Biomedical Informatics and Patient Safety at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.