Adam Culbertson

Adam Culbertson

Adam Culbertson

HIMSS Innovator in Residence Working on Patient Matching

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Mr. Adam W. Culbertson is currently the HIMSS Innovator-In- Residence at Health and Human Services

(HHS) with a focus on patient matching. Mr. Culbertson is working with the Office of the Chief

Technology Officer at HHS, IDEA Lab and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). He

is responsible for the study of innovative solutions to patient matching. Current projects include a

nationwide attribute study to determine which attributes are available for matching. The development

of a reference data set for patient matching algorithms. He has advocated the moto “If you don’t

measure it you can’t improve it”.

Mr. Culbertson completed a biomedical informatics fellowship at the National Library of Medicine

(NLM). While at the NLM he worked on the extraction of adverse drug event information using a

modified natural language processing program called SemRep, developed by Dr. Thomas Rindflesch’s

group. In addition, he completed a fellowship at the Regenstrief Institute. He has a master’s degree in

Health Informatics and completed a master’s degree from Indiana University of Bloomington in Human

Computer-Interaction Design where he developed a prototype for an e-prescribing solution. He also has

several publications on the topics of health informatics and personalized medicine.