The healthcare and financial services industries are undergoing dramatic digital transformations impacting nearly every aspect of operations. There are several common themes driving innovation and transformation in both industries including:

Open Business Models
Financial services firms and healthcare organizations are unlocking value from data and creating synergies with 3rd parties by opening up core platforms using application programming interfaces (API’s).

Digital Identity Proofing
Reliable, high assurance and friction-less digital identity verification is fundamental to the digital delivery of products and services in the finance and healthcare space in compliance with regulatory and risk requirements.

Highly Personalized, Data Driven Experiences
Data is driving key decisions about both customers and patients in the finance and healthcare spaces. Creating a 360-degree view of customers and patients is critical to providing highly personalized and relevant experiences.

Attendees of the 2019 Connectathon will spend two days:

  • Collaborating, building, and demonstrating solutions with synthetic data using MiHIN’s Interoperability Land™, a digital environment that uses data visualization to test interoperability between systems;
  • Explore parallels and synergies between the finance and healthcare industries to create innovative new solutions to unsolved problems;
  • Leverage open business models to create dynamic ecosystems of value between healthcare and finance;
  • Explore the value and opportunity of cross-industry digital identity networks, and
  • Exploit healthcare patient matching technology to create unified customer experiences in financial services.

The agenda for the Connectathon can be viewed here.



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